Yatzy Fury

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The number 1 Yatzy game on mobile devices

Play online against other players

Improve your scores and beat the records

Play with your friends

Addictive and easy to learn and play, Yatzy Fury is the ultimate game of Yatzy that will give you hours of gaming, fun, and excitement.

Face the world's best players in intense Yatzy games.

Play strategically, get the best scores, and use your jokers wisely during your yatzy games, to beat levels and climb to the highest steps of world rankings.

Yatzy Fury is a Yatzy game that works on iPhone, iPad, or iPod and is supported by Retina screens.

Discover a new way to play with dice to dominate your enemies or just for fun.

Roll the dice and choose the best combinations to get the maximum points and achieve bonuses.

Yatzy Fury also offers a competitive game mode that allows you to play Yatzy against players around the world.

Yatzy Fury saves your records and lets you compare your scores with your Facebook friends.

Sound effects, excellent graphics, an addictive game, and the possibility to share your scores and compare them with your Facebook friends makes Yatzy Fury today's most complete game of Yatzy.

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